Tuesday, 15 April 2014


You have to ask yourself this question that whom am I?
If you start thinking about negative things about yourself then you still don't know yourself.
But if you start thing about positive things about yourself you truly know yourself better.
However, but for you to know yourself more than your current situation. You have to know your positive and negative traits these are your strengths and weaknesses.
Every individual have his or her strength or weakness in life.
A person cognitive thinking of mind is the best tool to shape your life and you become whom you truly want to be.

It is being said that the way you always think is what your future or tomorrow becomes.
You need to start thinking positive about life in general. Always believe that whatever you have done is of great importance to your life whether good or bad but always forget the wrong things or neglect the wrong doing. Always remember the good things you have  once achieved or done before but if you consider yourself that you haven't done any thing good in life you are wrong.

Try to remember even when you were young maybe 5 - 7 yrs if you had helped someone out by sharing a biscuit or cake or pen or any other thing you consider is normal. This shows that you are generous or kind to others which is a good trait. It is being said that if you want to go far have no friends but if you want to go furthest have many friends whom you share with common goal. Many a times we consider things are normal but we need to think beyond normality to impossibility. By impossibility are things that people or yourself consider that they are difficult you can't achieve them. Think of starting your small company when you are 10 years old, your parents can register it to you and you be one of the directors. After 5 to 10 years it's turnover will have triple and you start smiling when you visit your business account.

I know you consider yourself that it is impossible to own your company employing over 2,000 workers. Therefore, you have considered it to be normal and what you want to be is a millionaires not multi billionaire which is absolutely wrong perspective of mind set up. Consider it as where there is impossibility there is always possibility through Christ Jesus savior of mind kind. He transforms everything of person's psychology, physical and spiritual well being.
Always believe in champions than dreamers because to be a champion you have to be a dreamer first then you accomplish your objective in life by being a champion.
It doesn't matter how many times you have tried making it right what matters how many commitments have  you put in it. Always believer that there is nobody God created and give more talent than others all of us have different talents which bring our own uniqueness which is vital in life.
Life without diversity would have been a boring life, diversity involves even plants and animals species. To achieve what you want in life you have to start with your mind perspective which should be positive. So long as you have change your mind attitude to be positive you have known who you are.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


It’s a great moment for each one of us to forget the past and focus on the future
The future can only be built by the present generation who take the best and first step
As we all know, that a journey of several miles begins by a step. Therefore, it’s a moment for you and I to trust and believe that we can make it.
Whatever we have planned for, we can’t achieve it without involving God to intervene for us
It’s necessary for us to trust in our Almighty G
od who gives ways where it is impossible
All of us we were born without anything but now you have the basic needs
Dreams are good and part of life but they can’t make us become successful in life
Simply because we want to achieve them alone without involving any person
This also imply to why Adam was given a companion Eve because he can’t make it alone in life
Life involve you and I, but the secret to achieve our dreams and ambitions is through togetherness
It’s has been said many a times that togetherness we stand and divided we are apart
Unity is not born but it is demonstrated by the presence individuals for peace and harmony coexistence to prevail upon this great nation.
There is no one who needed destruction over his or her life; therefore, the answer for our success will relay to ourselves on decisions that we make
Also by avoiding destruction to the life of those whom we are living with around us
It’s a great moment that we are the intelligent students that have made it to the university level
The education that we acquire from this institution will not be productive if we don’t impact it to the life of those who didn’t make it for the change of the economy, political, social and spiritual life for the rest of the country.
Leadership for this country can’t be changed if the present generation can’t say No to No and Yes to Yes. Its honor that all of us were given knowledge to solve the problems that come on our ways, I then believe that knowledge is power for instance, Singapore which have four official languages include English, Chinese, Malay & Tamil; it the fourth leading financial centre in the world.
Lastly, the time is now for as to make change over our life for the next generation.


It’s a situation where by different communities have the state of belonging are through their beliefs, values, norms, religion, taboos, and myths. Ethnicity can be in two forms that is positive and negative ethnicity.
On the other hand, ethnicity can also be associated with tribalism. This nation Kenya has 42 tribes which speak different languages. The main dormant ones are Kikuyu, Kalengin, Luo, Luhya, Kamba, Kisii, Pokomo, Taita, Embu, Somali etc. Positive ethnicity is the best way forward which has not been achieved since independence in 1963. However, there is negative ethnicity which really affect this nation. It hinders most of the citizens of this nation to achieve the set goals of realization of our vision 2030 which has three pillars that is economy, social and political.

It’s a good idea to us to comprehend the origin of the negative ethnicity in our country. It is logical for any person to solve a problem; the best step to undertake is to know its origin. However, before the colonial era, we as Kenya citizens we were illiterate that we couldn’t know how to read and write. We came from far distances such as the Bantu, Nilotes and Cushites. These three language groups can from different places to invade this land that they found without few human existences who came first because they didn’t arrive at the same time but wildlife were plenty.
After their settlement they appointed some to rule them through consensus as their kings within their kingdoms; there were no president or prime minister in this great land. British colonies came and rule this country until we attained our independence. The negative ethnicity was brought by our fore fathers of this nation. They did not know its implications it can cause to the future generation. Negative ethnicity has been affecting us since independence that why some of us look at one another from the tribe he/she is coming from. The issue of stereotyping is the main contributor of negative ethnicity in this motherland. For instance, certain tribes do not want their children to get marry from a certain tribe simply because they consider other tribes are witchcraft, have pride, thieves, eat too much, are untidy etc. These have contributed negative perspective in the mind of children when growing up towards other tribes that they cannot associate with them.

This negative ethnicity which is also highly influence by our own politicians during their campaigns has brought a vivid portrait on these issues. Politics play a vital role in the economic development of a country. I can say that Kenyan citizen have not clearly understood the meaning of politics. Politicking should be a situation whereby a politician stand firm for the interest of citizen well being not for the egocentric nature that we are still glancing at their offices. It’s a high time where our leaders should know the real meaning of politics. Majority of politicians vie for a particular position because of the power, huge salary, family aid, luxury life and their own selfish ambition. It’s a high time we Kenyans to avoid this separation of the unity & peace. Politicians who do not know why we elect them into the office shouldn't be voted back. 

I’m seeing a prosperity nation where tribalism will be a thing of the past. This can only be if we embrace one another as my brother and sister, we therefore have to co-exist in peace, love and unity has it been mention in our national anthem “May we dwell in unity peace and liberty”. I believe that as long as we fight this negative ethnicity to be a national disaster we are supposed to teach the current generation the importance of positive ethnicity and what do negative ethnicity entailed. Most people say that there is high unemployment rate in our country.  This is absolutely wrong, what really contribute to this unemployment rate as per my opinion is about negative ethnicity such as nepotism where by someone cannot employ another person because he/she is not coming from his/her tribe or there is no relation between the employer and applicant thus preferring a person from his/her same tribe. This result to position is granted to individuals who are incompetence, corrupt and do not have the best knowledge of their roles. Therefore, it result to low productivity at work place thus contribute to low growth of economic development. Majority of these applicants are not innovative in these companies or in these institutions. 

Any organization that embrace new ideas and technology compete favorable in global market since they have competence employees whose vision are based on company goals. This has been the case with the old constitution where Ministries were given to any person as long as the person has a degree in any field of study. For instance, a person employed in Ministry of Agriculture and the person did Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or Ministry of Transport and Communication yet the person did Medicine and specialized in Surgery. How can these two instances  and disciplines correlate to each other it was very difficult for the  economy of a country to grow and solve poverty issues or unemployment rate.

We us Kenyan citizens we had made the right step towards the right direction by having promulgated new constitution on 27th August 2010.  We cannot achieve all that we want at the same time, it can only happens at different time. Therefore, if we have the best leaders who can implement this constitution to its latter. This country will expands its boundaries for allowing many local and international investors to create more employment opportunities to women and youths.
I thank Almighty God for this transformation of my mind perspective towards things that do surround me. I have considered everyone as my brother and sister. We are the future Managers, Directors, C.E.O, P.S, Cabinet Secretaries, Senators, Governors, Investors etc. We have to uphold our national anthem and work with one another despite which ethnic background, race, religion, sex he/she is from. We have to encourage intermarriages to promote unity  peace among other tribes and show love to one another. 

Our Holy book for Christians; Jesus Christ said that this is the Greatest second Commandment that you should love one another as you love yourselves Mark 12:31 . Yet has Christians we only look at it in a narrow point of view that your neighbor is a person nearby you. It’s absolutely true but in a broader context a neighbor is also our brothers and sisters from different tribes. For instance, if I was sitting close to a person from different tribe as a passenger, or in a congregation will I not consider him/her as my neighbor? In simple answer the person qualifies to be my neighbor. Therefore, I need to love him/her as well as I show love to someone who can from my own tribe. 

One day a certain priest said to us in a church fellowship in the campus that if we hate other tribe that do not belong to our own ethnic group then during blood transfusion do we check that this blood donor and ask ourselves that this blood group come from which tribe or region? Absolutely No, we only consider it as any blood group that can support our life to enable us to live. 

Eventually, for us to live in a peaceful environment that can bring a better nation than before we have to bury this disease of negative ethnicity which has live for more than half a century. It has made our lives and children to be static not dynamic . Let’s all of us pray to one another for the peace, love and unity for this great nation and the future generation.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Life is dynamic if I can say so because of what people normally go through, sometimes you my think that you are the only one who is going through a lot of challenges. I tell you each one of us have some of troubles inside us it can be physically, economically, socially, spiritually or politically. I want to encourage you by telling you that the challenges that are there are to make as strong than before. If anyone fears challenges the weaker he or she becomes. The main reason why we go through this troubles and problems is because that their is no one who is perfect. Our creator is the only supreme being who is perfect. It's absolutely true to say that their is no marry or relationship which is perfect. This doesn't mean  that if there are challenges or troubles you quit or separate. Its like telling yourself that you are tired of life you want to die or involve in suicide. 

This is a wrong perspective of viewing your life;, if there is a problem always ask your conscience that are you the person who contribute to these problems. I'll tell you that 75% you are because you view your partner that he/she is the main contributor not you. You want to believe that you are perfect you can't make any wrong to other people. Always ensure that you work on your thoughts before judging others and don't believe that you are perfect. Do not feel bad about our life or yourself and never be discourage by any other person. If you really have an idea to invest, pursue your profession, get into real estate industry or shares simply because all that you believe in achieving you can do it. It's good for us to listen to piece of advises from different sort of people but the choice is yours to choose the wise one.

It will be of good value if everyone take their work seriously whether as garbage collect, housemaid, class prefect, a parent , as employee or employer because there is a reward in any good work you do. Therefore, we shouldn't despite any kind of work we are doing or other people for as to succeed in life. Proverb 16: 3 "Commit whatever you do to the Lord, and all your plans will succeed" Sometimes other people who were rich after some decades they go back as poorer than before simply because they don't commit everything they are doing to the Lord.

In conclusion, life can make you a champion or a loser depending on your choices, goals and determination for your life. Its never too late from where you are at the moment. This statement many people have heard it for many centuries.  What matters is that ''its too late to start late'' Quote from Antony Bonnke. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


The most important part in someone life is when the person put God first in all he/she is doing because He created us in His own image and likeness. Therefore, we find that everyone was created in His own images and likeness so we should not wrong or hurt others but to love them the way they are. In terms of likeness we realize that we are like Jesus Christ son of our heavenly father and we also feel being hurt if someone wrong us the same way with God. We have to forgive others who wronged us since God also forgives us and He loves us. Therefore, for someone to achieve his/her dream we should put God first in all we are doing because He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. He knows each one of us by names, number of our hairs on our heads and the numbers of the stars in the universe.
Therefore, life exist in these four letters.
We as human beings we have to listen when someone is really talking to us especially the youths; we have to listen for our elders who are not naive about life. It is being said that what an old man can see when seated a young person can’t see when standing on a several stools; this is because old people are always granted wisdom to guide the young in the society. I do remember my High school principal when he share with us his sermon Bro. Denis Abok from my loved high school Kisumu Boys’ High School (KB). 

Therefore, after listening we become intelligent and we should be faithful in what we are doing whether in schools, occupations or with our families. Last but not least we become empowered through the work that we are doing.  As many of us knew that knowledge is the key for success. One of the philosophers quote that “one learns how to read and then reads to learn and growth of these two abilities continuous throughout life”.

In conclusion, life is complex and full of challenges whereby God is the controller since no one can tell the exact date and time he or she will pass on or will become what he/she wants to be in life. In truth life is full of joy, love, respect, encouragement, determination, intelligence, faithfulness, empowerment, sorrow, hatred and teaching.


Many a time most of us don’t comprehend what life is all about, its like an ocean tides which sometime can come or disappear. Its has ups and down like a tide in an ocean, right and wrongs, good and bad. However, before I tell you more about life is all about from my point of view. I do recall vividly one of my colleagues in the campus when the lecturer asked students to define for him what life is. However, none of the students didn’t get the correct answer then he told them that life is complex and it is life. Therefore, I can say that life is a situation which begins at the formation of a cell when we are zygote and then feotus in our mother womb. It continuous as one grows up and become mature as an adult until when one dies; but we should remember that there is eternal life for those who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal savior. 

Life can never be reversed it is irreversible, full of challenges and obstacles that all of us as human beings even other living things such as plants, invertebrates have to go through. It can be considered as a complex device which is difficult to be understood by any individual. Since the world is a globe village most of us have share what is all about life in their own perspective ways. Therefore, we can’t get a clear definition of life because most of us we are still experience life until we die only our Almighty God is the one who knows about our understanding of life. Nevertheless, the person will carry on to experience life because he or she is still alive. It is always being said that, life is unfair with various reasons that ourselves know. For instance, in the case of Joseph when his brothers sold him; he was a servant to the King and even the king’s wife wanted to sleep with him he refused and ran away later the king’s wife accused him for the act he didn’t commit. She deceived that he wanted to rape her and the king sentence him to prison.

All that he went through was painful that he couldn’t believe even if God love him. After that we realized that the king had a dream that no one knew and couldn't interpret what it entails but Joseph was able to tell him what it really means. The king released him and later Joseph forgave his brothers who sold him. These are kind of obstacles or challenges that one can simply tell that life are unfair. I do advocate this statement by suggesting that life can involve two things pain or happiness; success or failure. Therefore, there is no one who can enjoy life to his or her fullness. There have to be problem or trouble unless he or she is abnormal but this abnormality shows us that there are troubles with this person.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Many people don’t comprehend when it’s the time to change, a lot of us will say that I will start to adjust by tomorrow, a week to or a month and this goes on to a year after. Nevertheless, this come to our attention that the way you wanted haven’t happened; this procrastination result to the time been even a decade or a century. It will be vital for us to know when we are supposed to change. Therefore, for you and me to change is that moment you think that you really need a change in your entire life.

The most and crucial issue that make people to change from bad to good or failure to success is the determination one has in his or her life.

 The determination a person has can really open many avenues for him or her. It will be imperative for us to see beyond our thoughts which are our imagination. There is a novel which is entitled of A RICH DAD AND POOR DAD. It is interestingly that the poor dad use to say that I can’t make it. However, the rich dad will say how can I make it? Therefore, there are two distinct differences that come across these statements. The poor dad has a full stop at the end of his statement while the rich dad has the question mark. The poor dad doesn’t give room for thinking but has just made a conclusion that he can not make it. This can be in his education, taking his responsibility as a parent or in his occupation to make money work for him not that he is working for it. In the case with the rich dad he has given his mind room to think in that how can I succeed with my education, family or his occupation he is doing, it can be a personal business as an entrepreneur. Eventually, the rich dad will come to realize that money is really working for him not the opposite. It is now for us to think positively and be determined in all that we are doing.

How can we know that we are really focusing individual? First and foremost;
  •  Identifying your weakness points and therefore, works on them.
  •  Have personal dairy, reminders that will aid you when you are supposed to do your work. 
  •   Have your strategies or objectives and work extremely hard to accomplish them.
  • Commence on working at the moment by avoiding procrastination.